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Have you actually validated your concept?

Once upon a time there was a brilliant creator with a unique idea that finally felt like the perfect gel between their craft and audience.  

They wanted to get their creation out into the world so they spent every spare minute building what was to be their new foray. Building and building, they pushed past every obstacle to get their creation made, made a little home for it on the world-wide-web and then realised it was time to launch.  

Excited to finally unveil their work on the world, our crafty creator went to every nook and cranny they were known; in real life & in the virtual world.  

They shouted from the rooftops about their amazing creation, only their closest ambassadors, once supportive, were nowhere to be found.  

Months went by, barely a sale and the creator couldn’t help but admit failure. Their game-changing idea, meticulously crafted was nothing more than a very expensive hobby.  

The creator bashfully retreats to their creative-cave to heal, regroup and eventually, rinse and repeat this process.  

The saddest part is, the creation was world-changing, it was better than the creator realised.  

They simply did much of what they should have done, just in reverse.  

Feel like you might be going in reverse, too?

Have you let 'Tech Hell' stop you in your tracks?

Somewhere in the middle of putting their project out and coming up with the initial idea, our beloved creator knew that a vibrant, digital home would be vital to show-off this incredible creation.  

They envisaged a website with luscious designs and more pages than you can poke a stick at. Not because of anything other than wanting to shine the very best light on their work.  

They knew they would need the marketing basics too, and that it’s always better to get started than sit around waiting. So they took the proactive approach and got to work.  

They did their research on the best web platforms and email services, opened up their social channels and started posting great content for their desired audience.  

Things start to get a bit trickier when they realise the workshop they wanted to run online has such a long delay they can’t interact with their audience properly. And the community they built won’t integrate with their membership area. The email automations that were meant to save them time take a million years to figure out…  

They drastically misunderstood how much time and money can be saved from having a well thought out tailored tech stack set up before launching.  

They had heard the horror stories about having to change up their tech stack mid launch and the cost and time involved is getting way too real.  

The thing is, it never had to be this way; a great lean, launch stack could have been setup in less than a day…  

Don’t want to waste months scouring the web for the ‘perfect’ tech stack? 

Are you busier than ever with not-a-whole-lot to show for it?

“I’m feeling more excited than I’ve ever been before about my work. This is it, this is what might finally fuel my passion forever more…”  

Our creator struck gold with their idea. It ignited a spark that had been laying dormant for years, maybe longer.  

The rush of gold sparked productivity like never before. No longer did they feel the need to set goals and routines, they finally reached ‘self-starter’ status that they had previously thought was only for a lucky few.  

They got to work and went through the channels of validating their concept, falling flat on their face, but getting back up. They navigated tech-hell and came out with enough of a platform to build from. They rinsed and repeated and tweaked and improved with better results trickling through all the time.  

But something changed in the middle, the sheen wore off along the way, suddenly it was harder to get out of bed on time, the morning coffee lasted longer, they got started a few hours later than usual and pushed themselves into the night to make up for lost time.  

They re-read productivity articles from years ago and wondered why the same strategies that used to work, now had little to no effect.  

They had to face facts; they were getting stuff done, but it wasn’t like before. Without realising it, instead of facing the day like they could achieve anything, they faced the day hoping they might be able to achieve something.  

The most crushing part about this story is our creator didn’t factor in that the odds were stacked against them from the beginning. The answer to the problems were as simple as having a clear, ever-evolving productivity playbook at their fingertips. 

There are two paths; one of hope, and one where you stack the odds in your favour. 

Which will you choose?  



Getting your project any kind of lift-off is the hardest part. Let me craft you a 12-month roadmap to validate your concept, launch lean & scale further than you've gone before.


Knowing what tech tools to use and why is insanely tough. Let me tailor a perfect lean-launching-machine based on your personal needs & budget, support included.


The trouble with 'productivity' resources is a) you're different from the person who created it and b) it's not like you're totally unproductive; you just want a smoother path forward. Let me take you through the world's best productivity tools & techniques so you can refine your own actionable playbook to help you stay on track every step of the way, on both sides of your launch.